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Reviews for "I'm Knot Ready"

I love how it's like I'm sitting down with someone getting some juicy advice/tea. It makes you keep reading for more. It calls people on their B.S., which means it's relatable because I surely learned the hard way that I needed to be up front from the beginning. I also love the Bible verses at the end of each chapter.

Ta'Quasha F.

Such a great read! It was so easy to read and to the point, just like a real conversation with your friends, or should I say, your mama! Excellent book for any woman to takes notes from.


A must read! This book has really made me open my eyes and ask myself, "Are you really ready?" It sounds good, but are you willing to change some things about yourself? I love how this book keeps it real, no sugar coating. I also love how the Bible is incorporated into the book. 5 stars from me!

Dee Gilbert

This book has a little something for everyone, not just those looking to get married; those looking to stay married as well.


"... are sure you are ready to commit your life to being the blessing that God has asked you to be in your potential spouse’s life"..."Marriage is about building with this person and protecting them as God sees fit"...WHEW! When I tell you these lines hit like a ton of bricks, my goodness! This got me all the way together, gathered my entire life as we millennials say. A newly 30 something year old who's been in a long term relationship since 19, standing at a crossroads at this point in my life on a number of issues; this book gave me a fresh, unexpected and much needed new perspective on marriage, what it means and what it takes to have a fulfilling marriage. And let me tell you, I'm not (knot) ready, lol; but I'm grateful for the words of wisdom, the godly perspective (coming from someone who was raised in the church) and constructive guidance Mama Jr. has to offer in the book. I appreciate the reflection at the end of each chapter which allowed me to really think and helped me evaluate what I read and how I can apply it to how I'm feeling. After reading this book, BAE-BEE sis has a lot of contemplating to do and some serious decisions to make. Time to "put on my big girl panties" and face the music, have some of those serious conversations that were talked about in this book. All in all, I enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.

Erica J.

I had the pleasure of reading the book, I’m Knot Ready by Author, Mama Jr. I would
like to start out by saying congratulations on a methodically thought out and well written
book. Best wishes to you on your first of many books. I was intrigued by all the
knowledge and insight pertaining to relationships, included in the content. I decided to
put sticky notes on the pages that stood out the most, and I ran out of sticky notes!
There are so many great points, statements, thought-provoking comments that never
came to mind before reading the book. There were also numerous points that confirmed
my view regarding relationships.
I was captivated by the scriptures that ended each chapter relating to relationships and
marriages. It’s amazing how many scriptures are in the Bible that many people are not
aware of. Mama Jr. did a phenomenal job on matching the right scripture with the
chapter content. If you did not understand a particular scripture, it was explained very
well that even a child would understand. There’s also a Reflection page after each
chapter with questions to help the reader dissect the content, which will ultimately serve
as a guidance in your relationship journey.
Mama Jr. disclosed random information about her previous marriage, but she made it
her mission not to impose her personal thoughts and feelings based on her marriage
and outcome. I was very impressed by her decision to not bash anyone yet sharing her
wisdom and knowledge from her personal experience. This is not an easy thing to do.
Out of the many statements I highlighted, this one in particular really stood out:
I want to be married because there is respect and honor in being a
“Mrs.” and, if I am going to be on the arm of the man I love, I deserve
the respect and benefits that come with him claiming me as his wife.
This is a statement that young girls need to hear, way before they are of the dating age.
Although the content was mainly geared towards adults, a lot of this book can be
understood by the younger generation who can benefit tremendously from the content.
In closing, the book I’m Knot Ready, will make you think twice before you “jump” into a
relationship, and pray harder when it comes to the person you will marry. This book
makes you appreciate a good relationship, and encourages you not to give up on
finding a husband or wife but choose according to God’s will and plan for your life. Great

Kelcy Williams

N Spire U Productions
Playwright, Author, & Screenwriter

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